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STOP&POWER(オイル漏れ予防・防止、性能向上添加剤 ストップ&パワー)

この製品【292Link lubricants】STOP&POWERは、熱による乾燥で老朽化したオイルシールを新品の状態まで膨らませ、オイル漏れ、にじみを98%まで防止する効果のある、エンジンオイル添加剤です。



This product [292Link lubricants] STOP & POWER is an engine oil additive that has the effect of inflating oil seals that have dried out due to heat to a new state and preventing oil leakage and bleeding up to 98%.
After the engine is turned on, the oil leakage will stop while the vehicle is running about 300-500km, depending on the state of the leakage. Once the oil leak stops, the effect will continue even if the oil is removed.
In addition, this product cleans the inside of the engine, and the steam content spreads throughout the engine, wiping away rubber-like and varnish-like cinders, and has the effect of lowering the pressure inside the engine.
As a result, it can be expected that the transmission of engine power will be smoother and the starting acceleration will be significantly improved.
The product is harmless to internal engine components and compatible with all types of engine oils.
It can be used for gasoline and diesel engines, and can be used for all types of vehicles such as automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and construction machinery.

Contents 500ml (0.5qt.)

* Use 5 to 8% of the oil capacity.
* Depending on the damage or condition of the oil seal, oil leakage cannot be stopped 100%.


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