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D-SKY(ディースカイ)5W-30 DL-1


1. 燃料残渣物の発生を抑える働きを持っており、DPFの目詰まりを低減させます。
2. 蒸発によるオイル消費を抑え、省燃費性に優れます。
3. エンジンを常に洗浄しピストンの摩耗を抑える為性能を十分に発揮させます。
4. 運転時のエンジンの器械的摩耗や強酸による腐食摩耗を積極的に防止します。

It is the highest grade multi-grade engine oil suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles equipped with DPF (diesel particulate collection filter). Recommended as a special oil for DL-1 compliant vehicles. Superior base oil (Group III) is effectively blended with the latest antioxidants, cleaning dispersants and antiwear agents.

1. It has the function of suppressing the generation of fuel residue and reduces the clogging of DPF.
2. It suppresses oil consumption due to evaporation and has excellent fuel economy.
3. The engine is constantly washed so that the piston wear is suppressed and its performance is fully demonstrated.
4. Actively prevent mechanical wear of the engine during operation and corrosive wear due to strong acid.
[Package 20L pail can]

¥ 30,800

*Tax included.

*¥ 800 will be added per order as a shipping fee.


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