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Lithium aluminum complex + organic molybdenum, anti-corrosion agent combination
A high drop point (high heat resistance temperature of 180 ° or more for liquefaction) has been achieved by blending organic molybdenum (colorless type) based on a high-performance lithium-based aluminum complex.
It is also used for the chassis of a harsh Dakar rally machine, and it is also effective when used on important pins around large construction machines, trunnions of large vehicles, and important parts where loads are applied. Also, due to its high water resistance, it has been used effectively in the tilt part link system of marine outboard motors.
It is also used around the axle shaft and steering of motorcycles.
Versatile and long-term lubrication.
# High-pressure pump is recommended for refueling with a handgun for Niple. [400g 1 pieces]


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