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ATF C+ *CVT対応 オートマチックフルード




(High grade 100% synthetic oil)

ATF Hyundai ECO cars have evolved, which is indispensable for fuel efficiency. Evolution of CVT auto cars. Due to heat deterioration, etc., replacement of OIL is indispensable to deal with OIL discoloration.

The wide range of the adaptive specification shows the performance and realizes the best feel after replacement.
This is an OIL for automatic transmission completed by combining the technology of leading lubricating oil manufacturers with our ideas.

* Replacement procedure / replacement cycle according to the judgment of trained technicians and vehicle
(It is necessary to familiarize yourself with theory such as mileage for replacement judgment)
-Please use in a situation where an expert with the appropriate replacement equipment can judge.
* Please use according to the adaptation table according to the notation manufacturer. [Package 20L pail]

¥ 30,800

*Tax included.

*¥ 800 will be added per order as a shipping fee.


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