R7590-G・SPEC 75w90 GL-5

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100% synthetic oil + partial synthetic oil + special FM agent combination
Manual mission OIL (manufacturer manual 75w90 specified location)

Many of the latest sports manual cars in the mt7590 are mission vehicles that use Getrag and sports manual cross ratios.These were developed to improve the shifting of those city rides and to improve the comfortable shift feeling. In addition, the extremely strong film characteristics realize a higher level of lubrication performance, which makes it suitable for winding and running on the circuit.
Please enjoy the high-performance lubricating oil that LINK has tested for a long time (FF sports car, current mini equipped with Getrag, FR car such as FT86).
* Can also be used for front differential transfer of 4WD vehicles (* Refer to the vehicle manufacturer's specification required)
* Applicable for 2-stroke two-wheeled vehicle missions, * Applicable for 75w90 viscosity manufacturer specified dog missions
* Applicable to manual missions for light vehicles, etc. [Package 20L pail]

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¥44,000 tax included