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Highly refined 100% synthetic oil + ester + LINK original additive
* This is an OIL specially developed for vehicles with highly tuned, highly heat-generating engines. This is an OIL developed for high-level drivers and machines that incorporates the essential elements of a competition machine. Please consult a professional who is familiar with lubricating oil before use. * Can be used for large high-powered two wheels
Oil for the harsh period that Link has repeatedly improved and improved based on actual battle data. Suitable for engines with high hydraulic pressure due to excellent oil film characteristics. Contributes to ensuring the hydraulic pressure and drawing out the capacity of the oil pump, even withstanding the use of endurance races in the midsummer. Characterized by the ability suitable for high power machines and endurance racing vehicles. (Limited production before the summer, and that year will be sold out as soon as it is sold out) [Package 20L pail]

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¥78,100 tax included